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Diploma in Yoga Therapy Objective:

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Diploma in Yoga Therapy Objective:

Fostering Holistic Wellness and Positive Health:

Our aim is to promote holistic well-being, prevent stress-related health disorders, and facilitate rehabilitation through Yoga therapy. We emphasize an Integral Approach to Yoga Therapy for addressing common ailments, equipping learners with the skills to raise awareness about the benefits of Yoga for overall health within the general public.

Empowering Future Yoga Therapists:

The course, titled Diploma in Yoga Therapy (DYT), spans a year and imparts essential skills to establish Yoga Therapy centers or work in spas, wellness centers, and hospitals. The program is structured with two admission intakes annually, commencing in January and July. Examinations for subjects are held at the end of the program based on the provided evaluation scheme. Classes, held on Saturdays and Sundays, will be conducted at the VYASA-Kolkata center.

Comprehensive Course Inclusions:

Course fees encompass course materials with a kit bag, uniform, and light refreshments. To be eligible for admission, students need to submit required documents along with 2 passport-size photos, 10th and +2/PUC certificates, a Medical Fitness Certificate, and proof of identification (Aadhaar Card/Passport/Voter ID).

Diverse Curriculum for Holistic Learning:

The course curriculum covers a broad spectrum, integrating theory and practical knowledge. The theoretical aspect includes an introduction to yoga and its streams, Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali Yoga Darshan, Hatha Yoga, Narada Bhakti Sutra, Yoga Vashishtha, Sankhya, Prana Vidya, Upanishads, basic Sanskrit, Life and Message of Spiritual Masters, and Applications of Yoga. The practical component involves asanas, kriyas, bandhas, mudras, yogic games, happy assembly, worksheet projects, and PowerPoint presentations.

Multilingual Approach for Effective Teaching:

Our teaching methodology ensures international exposure for our students. Practical sessions are conducted entirely in English, while theory classes are held in English, Bengali, and Hindi as needed for a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy. We employ various teaching aids, including whiteboards, computer PowerPoint presentations, and videos.

Adherence to Core Values and Attendance Policy:

Students enrolling in our courses must adhere to a stipulated time schedule and attend all classes diligently. A minimum of 90% attendance is mandatory for the successful completion of the course. Our yoga courses are designed not only to impart holistic teaching skills but also to instill core values in students, contributing to national development at physical, mental, social, and spiritual levels.