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Personality Development Course

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Personality Development Course

Course on Personality Development

In the contemporary world, parents strive for the comprehensive development of their children, mindful of their psycho-physiological well-being and success in a highly competitive society. However, in this pursuit, many talented children often face undue pressure early on, diverting them from a normal life path.

Personality, an amalgamation of attitudes, emotions, thoughts, habits, and traits, forms the sum total of an individual's behavior. This behavior pattern is distinct to each person and encompasses various dimensions, including physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual aspects. Yoga stands as a fundamental catalyst in achieving holistic personality development.

Physical Level:

Focusing on fostering a healthy physique, this facet incorporates physical exercises, asanas, kriyas, breathing exercises, and dietary guidelines.

Mental Level:

Enhancing the clarity of thought, memory, concentration, and pranayamas and meditations are vital components of mental development.

Emotional Level:

Encouraging a sense of brotherhood, respect for others, and the values of sharing and caring through group activities, patriotic songs, bhajans, yoga games, and happy assembly sessions.

Intellectual Level:

Promoting better knowledge, discrimination, and decision-making abilities through yoga. This level involves lectures and video presentations covering Indian culture, human values, and an understanding of the Bhagavad Gita, among other relevant topics."