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President and His message

We are glad that the works of VYASA have benefited thousands of people in achieving their health goals since our establishment over three decades ago. It is also worth noting that most of our students have embarked on a yoga-teaching career with many owning center(s) upon graduation from our yoga courses all over the world.</p> <p> Instructors and graduates who have graduated from our courses can look forward to an alternative career path through their continuous association with our yoga university by being our member Instructors or Affiliated centers of VYASA. This also accredits them to be members of Council of Yoga Accreditation (CYA, International) based in Washington DC, USA.The objective of this new initiative is to allow graduated personnel to continue serving the cause of yoga by demonstrating the highest standard of teaching, and in return, to be provided with all the necessary ongoing supports. Our offer is also extended to all other yoga instructors and centers not currently teaching our yoga programs or in direct association with us.