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Yoga Program

VYASA Yoga Therapy Module

Preventions Through VY[T] Stop Diabetic Movement™:Primary Prevention: Preventing Pre-diabetics from becoming fully Diabetic Secondary Prevention: Converting diabetics from severe to moderate, moderate to mild, and from mild to normal VY[T] SDM™ is a program that incorporates yogasanas (postures), pranayama (breathing), meditation and lectures on yogic life style. The aim of the therapy is to help the participants to reach an inner state of freedom by using intense mindfulness practices. The practices include techniques at the physical level (asanas, kriyas and yogic diet), at the prana level (breathing, pranayama, prana-energizing technique etc.), and at the manomaya kosha level (different types of meditations, emotion culture). The therapy also covers notional correction about the meaning of happiness and purpose of life, and stress management through counseling using the yoga concepts.All techniques are meant to provide deep relaxation to muscles, slow down the breath and calm down the mind. The entire process is referred to as Manah Prasamana Opayah, which means slowing down all systems’ functions to reach a state of inner silence, the state of freedom from distress and disease.